Level Five Safety develops artificial intelligence safety solutions. Deeply rooted in the field of autonomous driving, we have been developing our product Avant[‘guard’] – a deep learning technology working within existing neural networks, improving object detection to an unprecedented level of accuracy. Our technology enables future Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems that no longer need supervision by the driver.

Advancing into the field of Medical Image Technology and AI-driven industrial production and automation, we’re building resilient, reliable, and safe Deep Neural Networks, pioneering general safe artificial intelligence solutions for future consumer markets.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of Autonomous Driving, Object Detection, and Deep Learning. We have experience implementing quality and safety standards like ISO 26262 of the Automotive Industry and the new standard UL 4600 for safe Autonomous Vehicles. Based in Berlin, Level Five Safety creates technology Made in Germany for clients around the globe.

Level Five Safety

c/o The Drivery GmbH

Mariendorfer Damm 1
12099 Berlin